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Balitang Super Mechs - Mechs Found In The Desert


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At the 14th of November, one citizen of a certain country full of deserts, caught five mechs on camera.


Witness said that these mechs lost their way in, so they decided to bring them to the government and examine them.

After the examination, the models were apparently a "Shiyo" class mechs made by the Rlane Mech Manufactory Company (RLMMC) and were quickly sent back to the company. RLane states that their navigation systems went haywire and thus, the five mechs lost their way. They were sent for a mission which involves mechs to protect a large container containing MSLF-09 Cryo-virus. As compensation to the haywire of the system, RLMMC paid $400,000 even though the mechs did not damage any infrastructure neither has injured a civilian.

If you want to post a story, you may post it in the Imperial Bulletin, which is still on planning stage as of now cause I don't know what to do with it yet. So you have the rights to give in ideas for the bulletin, maybe...

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