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Found 9 results

  1. As the title suggests, the new mech that has been leaked online has finally been revealed to the public, called the ADA-09 Planetfall. The ADA-09 is a long-range scope unit made by the Zerschmetterter Himmel Proprietär arms technology industry. It is capable of targetting enemies from long distances, provides support for ground units, and can preform a suppresive fire against an enemy squadron. It uses both the Cockpit Piercer, the Falcon, alongside the Ejection Blast, Advanced Repulsor, Perimeter Protector, and a Rock Recoiler, alongside the Selfish Guardian, with the Nightmare torso, and Massive Stone Feet. The mech has a rather balanced armor, health, heat and energy stats. Overall, the unit is suited for the Red Circle Squadron, BHP Nilliton's Private Military Group. Before the mech came into the drawing board in the first place, the Broken Hill Proprietary company is struggling with its PMG. The once most powerful unit, the NGTD-11, has been retired from its operation after just 3 months of its service, mostly due to the maintenance cost. Because of it, there is now a gap between the long-range attack units, and fire support units, which is unachievable due to their mechs being outdated and have weaker weapons. Thus, a project was set up to pick at least 5 mechs to create the units and refill the duties needed for the RCS. The ADA-09 Planetfall, with four other mechs, were picked as candidates for the project. Within a short amount of time, all units were created. Currently, a prototype unit, codenamed "Kurin", is being tested for its range capabilities. The next unit, "Hugin", which is a heat variant, will be tested 2 days after the Kurin's range test. One by one, each prototypes will be tested in 5 experimental tests. Soon, after the units reached feasable scores needed to pass, it may be added to the RCS and be put into service, said by the defense secretary of the RCS. The unit "Kurin" on its first test, experimenting it's signature weapons. And that is probably it, there may be some information that have been classified due to the nature of the project. However, the mech is indeed officially released to the public, and of course, currently being tested. Not to mention the poor writing skills I have, which may have multiple irrelevant texts in the post, and so are the rest. If you have any questions regarding this post, you are always free to comment down below. This post is the very first Balitang SM post this year, now that took me long enough.
  2. Currently, I have not been posting Balitang SM for a while now, that is because editing a photo is extremely hard for me, for example, editing a screenshot. There are 3 issues that I currently faced. 1. Making an idea and materialize it as a set is hard, I tend to have my mind messed up with multiple things, and searching for the picture and selecting it as the background for the image is hard as there are multiple images that doesn't suit for my own taste. 2. The current state of the computer is broken, due to the power supply being damaged due to the ants (Probably) entering the PC case, keep in mind that I download the assets from the mechs that I have created from Workshop Unlimited thus making it easier for me to edit the photo, so editing the mechs manually on tablet are hard, especially erasing the background surrounding the mech and on the smaller gaps. 3. Because the repair of the power supply is expensive, I am directly forced into using the tablet, which is also slower than my PC as it was outdated. If I could have a new phone it would be faster, but the editing issue as stated in the second remains. Keep in mind that there are 2 posts that are taken in-game, the rest are fictional. And I sucked at editing. Also, all posts are not meant to be profitable, I created them just for the sake of my mind. This series may be uploaded once every few weeks or even a few months due to the three current factors, so expect me not posting for a while.
  3. At the 14th of November, one citizen of a certain country full of deserts, caught five mechs on camera. Witness said that these mechs lost their way in, so they decided to bring them to the government and examine them. After the examination, the models were apparently a "Shiyo" class mechs made by the Rlane Mech Manufactory Company (RLMMC) and were quickly sent back to the company. RLane states that their navigation systems went haywire and thus, the five mechs lost their way. They were sent for a mission which involves mechs to protect a large container containing MSLF-09 Cryo-virus. As compensation to the haywire of the system, RLMMC paid $400,000 even though the mechs did not damage any infrastructure neither has injured a civilian. If you want to post a story, you may post it in the Imperial Bulletin, which is still on planning stage as of now cause I don't know what to do with it yet. So you have the rights to give in ideas for the bulletin, maybe...
  4. Another mech was seen on a bridge at 6:23 AM, this time, instead of Damaged Armor Annihilator, it uses a much more unconventional Malfunctioning Blaster. Locals feared that the mech might attack. But according to the latest reports of the mech, it showed no aggression. Also, the pilot who maintains this mech states that the mech was coded so wander on its own at night to patrol the surrounding area for threats. "This mech that I have was coded so that it can move around at night and check a couple of things if everything is okay. If you provoke the mech, I will not be responsible if the mech ever attacks." Pilot of the "Night Wanderer" mech. Picture of the mech caught by one of the investigators. Conclusion : If you see this mech on the streets, just ignore it. It is minding its own business. Comment down bellow to suggest anything to be added on the Balitang Super Mechs wall. You may also featured as well if you ever ask for it. And maybe leave a reaction to this... May help abit I guess...
  5. A scope build escaped from an ongoing battle in a city, which a rogue nation was trying to occupy for weeks. The pilot, though has a powerful scope build, did not want to fight and instead fled. Authorities has taken hold of the pilot and is now being held in a base to stay. Photo of the mech, which is taken very closely. If you do have any answers to why the pilot escaped from the battlefield, please leave a comment below.
  6. A mech was spotted in the middle of a street at 3 AM by a local. Locals said that this mech has wandered in the streets every 3 AM to 5 AM and was sometimes seen spinning. This picture shows the mech standing :
  7. A farmer was vaporized by a train which stops by a station. No known evidence of the farmer being vaporized but there is a picture taken before the vaporization. Picture taken by a local :
  8. September 10, 2022, 12:17 AM, German, Global Channel. I don't know what to say. If you do have any answers to this post, let me know in the comments.
  9. I will get a brain aneurysm if someone would throw in a giveaway. Anyways, 2 players was seen in English, Global channel, recruiting players to their clan. In this edit, which does not show one of the players due to possible ban, says that the first person to join their clan will get 38 tokens and 190,000 gold. If you do have any answers if this is truly a scam or not, please let me know in the comments.
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