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What happened to the Balitang Super Mechs series? (The current state of Balitang SM)


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Currently, I have not been posting Balitang SM for a while now, that is because editing a photo is extremely hard for me, for example, editing a screenshot.

There are 3 issues that I currently faced.

1. Making an idea and materialize it as a set is hard, I tend to have my mind messed up with multiple things, and searching for the picture and selecting it as the background for the image is hard as there are multiple images that doesn't suit for my own taste.

2. The current state of the computer is broken, due to the power supply being damaged due to the ants (Probably) entering the PC case, keep in mind that I download the assets from the mechs that I have created from Workshop Unlimited thus making it easier for me to edit the photo, so editing the mechs manually on tablet are hard, especially erasing the background surrounding the mech and on the smaller gaps.

3. Because the repair of the power supply is expensive, I am directly forced into using the tablet, which is also slower than my PC as it was outdated. If I could have a new phone it would be faster, but the editing issue as stated in the second remains.

Keep in mind that there are 2 posts that are taken in-game, the rest are fictional. And I sucked at editing. Also, all posts are not meant to be profitable, I created them just for the sake of my mind. 

This series may be uploaded once every few weeks or even a few months due to the three current factors, so expect me not posting for a while.

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