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Super Mechs is a good game


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I found a new game if you are bored



I played this in my cousin home. Never had that one but yes first Attari and still have the console and still working. I kept buying all new consoles and new generations as sega etc. Ton of games in boxes. 🤤 I should go back and play like used to be games just for fun. 🍻


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2 hours ago, SolarisHK said:

I just came back to remember some good things SM has done to me

Except I was greeted with toxic lowlives 😥

Still tho I was doing fine, and I do like some parts of the game

You unironically Roleplay in german chat and talks politics in a kids video game chat lobby and be racist toward spanish people with an anime profile picture, do you really expect people to take you seriously ? the fact that address people as "low lives" really tells how much of a moron you are with an egotistical issue. Or is it because of "Oh noes i was being toxic because i have mental issues" card ? because i do believe people with mental issue behaviors wouldn't roleplay in german chat and accuse spanish chat people of "genocide" your race ?

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The Shining Blue Devine Sun shall perish the foolish sinners of The Empire. Long live Forsaken Mother Malukuth Marithus for she watches over us all. - Cyber Sanctuary Missing Tablet Log No.75213

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