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I do not know because I drain fuel all the time. Now, maybe due to an offer or so possible to 600 max to be drained right on the spot. I think in the past there were many with high amount of fuel on reserve to be use on portals back on the portal's days stacking 800-?

9 hours ago, Stefix5000 said:

like a little over 100, I always keep my fuel as close to empty as possible

cool, a real grinder. We are a very small family. 😱🤣🍻

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Okay so I still had 324 fuel cells to keep the cores up

Do they count?

Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting, and I have once lived in infamy.
My Discord Server if you want to see me, I guess : 
Omura Unofficial Server
I am not looking for trouble here, and don't try.

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14 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

Я не знаю, потому что я постоянно сливаю топливо. Теперь, может быть, из-за предложения или так возможно, чтобы 600 макс были слиты прямо на месте. Я думаю, что в прошлом у многих было большое количество топлива в резерве, которое можно было использовать на порталах еще во времена портала, складывая 800-?

круто, настоящая мясорубка. Мы очень маленькая семья. 😱🤣🍻

I always farm and I don't know why I don't touch 20 fuel in daily missions🤔

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10 hours ago, s1ngul4r said:

bruh is it even ok because i have 1.2k fuel...... it is getting decreased every time like destroy 100 enemies nor destroy 75 structures 

Umm, it is all depending on the player ways to play. The reality of this game, in order to progress generally speaking, you have to grind 24/7. The fuel cap maximum in the game is 95 when the account if fully developed in in the arena shop option and when the account level reached the maximum grant for extra cap.  It is not 250 but is high enough to take time to maxed till grant the last extra fuel and I forgot when that happen. 

At lower level and arena shop not completed, your fuel cap of course it is lower.





With the maximum cap you can farm close to 5 times or 5 times in a day and drain those 95 fuels. That mean, with the maximum regeneration the next below in the screenshot it will cap from 0-95 in about 5hrs.  Due to the people sleep maybe 8 hours, for a player maximizing the use of the fuel can do normally like 4 full rounds of 95 if during the day and night pay attention to it. During my development, I was not missing a single opportunity to drain fuel 24/7 reason I advanced fast my account level and gained more parts and gold because more grinding opportunity. 

Many people go to home post work and then grind one capped fuel then play pvp , raid etc. In that case, the account development will require many years to advance. For early stages on levels, it is crucial to max the use of fuel and level up fast to L100 or so to improve fuel and space grants plus some legend items on the road. Sure, not everyone can do it because many are adults with family and busy and are limited and some minor's parents do not allow them to play every second having homework and avoid being tired for next day school time. 

In your case, having so much fuel on reserve, you are losing everyday possibility of constant progress. I can say that a person with an account fully developed and slowed playing and if the game had constant portals like used to be, I think it was ok to save fuel for the event and get a possible new item without get into use tokens to buy fuel for it. 

I recommend using fuel every day if you cannot pvp a lot like me. That means you have to become a real grinder to progress due to limited time to play pvp like me, but I can look to the side in my phone and click for a grind whiteout getting into trouble someone looking at me at work doing pvp.

Having a lot of fuel, it is not something to flex generally speaking. In my case is fuel cap is 95, I do try to avoid reach cap status 95/95 because it will stop to regenerate new fuel to be consumed and get parts and gold during the process and for those not at L250 it does help to the XP to level up the account. 


7 hours ago, Burned_Fantom_2008 said:

I always farm and I don't know why I don't touch 20 fuel in daily missions🤔

fight 5 wins a day everyday minimum. that will help to collect arena coins to enhance your account plus the fuel help out to collect more parts grinding and of course your xp. use all at disposition to get stronger if you want to become a killing machine. In my case I just make parts for fun. I play for fun when I can. No time to be serious player just relaxing.

BTW, I answered your questions. 🙃

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