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Have anyone get common drops from fortune boxes?



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8 hours ago, Yakir said:

too many times sadly... ive opened max 200 fortune boxes and gotten like 7 times and once it landed on rare and literally only gave me commons

when the lock stops on common is just common. Normally gives 2-3. In the case when stops on rare like this time for me, gives 2-3 cards but normally are 2. It is not usual to get epics but happens time to time and between tons of opens then I get a legend. In several times I decided to farm a lot using tokens just for test I got not legends and the amount of no mix box grant it is very heavy losing opportunity to get more parts in OD6. The one I posted is one of those that the game gives every 10 passing days to get it. Some accounts are luckier. 🤷‍♂️

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It's said that commons from fortune boxes are even rarer than quad cores from fortunes, if you were to get one.....you should be impressed that such is even possible, not sad.

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