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Did the arena get harder last week?


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Or did I just get weaker?


is there more people playing now because of summer vacation?

have the best items just been obtained by the masses but not me?

did I always suck and was just lucky to hit r2 with only 30 wins?

has there been a rebalance and I missed the news?

none of the above and I just had bad luck?

seems like there has been a huge shift in what it take to win for me. Anyone else having a hard time getting r3?

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Meta just shifted into scope + 2 space retreat/advanced repulser + piercer metas, anyone who failed to adapt will be dropped down and those people like us who fail to adapt kinda have to deal with it, keep an eye out for scopes more and you are all set.

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I'm playing against players from ranks 12 to 9, and my winning percentage is decreasing. To explain, my opponent's mecha is in the state of my physical Lv50, and my mecha will be torn to pieces.

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I think my builds are just out dated. As mentioned above Seems like fighting changed from position 1-4 to 3-8. By the time I catch up maybe it will be huggers again 🤣

Also swoops and premium BF drainers seem mandatory above r5 now and I don’t have any🤷‍♂️

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