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I got the shadow wolf, how do I build this?

VT0022-REC Sheepdog


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22 minutes ago, Corvus said:

You could make a sort of double shot gun, but the you need to replace the malice for the dawn blaze, and maybe get rid of the heat bomb too, and maybe a desolation instead of the savegery

Also I'd need to see the rest of Ur inv to be able to give better advice

Full invent4BFADD7E-C224-480A-B762-2858E1CEDC78.thumb.png.ac35800cdc3d5e68e98dadd30d2e1770.png12037805-1559-4401-A964-4B87C9DC2E6A.thumb.png.b40e594f7411ad53a01848731a509f56.png2CDDBC63-20A6-48C2-821C-5C50FEAC3CB3.thumb.png.f2947b85ad2f8cbb8f8df404c66b5c71.pngD243772A-B548-4353-A8D5-AE65C0F969A8.thumb.png.cb66bfcea2b485f32d57a44bf6a55f80.pngA0C49CE3-4AD4-4038-BD3B-B26931B86905.thumb.png.fd6ab4f5fd796a109e2707cbd4daff9d.pngory 

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Shadow wolf is an awesome heat damage weapon.  It's not for boilers in my opinion, but close.  Here are some ways I have used it in the arena, some ideas made by Algeriano for me.  These two were part of a 3v3 heat damage team I've made rank 2 using (and this was when i was using defense matrix on all of them).



You can use space invader as a substitute for burning shower.  The 2-4 range "shotguns" are excellent for anti-scope stuff, so long as the rest of your mech is set up that way.  These two builds, I already use them, and they kick a lot of butt when used for clan war attacks.

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On 6/16/2022 at 4:17 PM, Fordekash said:

Shadow wolf, repulser and dual desos!

You won't need repulsors if you have shadow wolf.  Repulsor is a waste of a turn and only breaks even if you're a scope mech.

On 6/18/2022 at 10:47 AM, Fordekash said:

Leave when blank. If anything maybe a drainer or two repulsers 

Again, no to repulsors.  Shadow wolf makes dual desolation possible, but dual desolation is not a super strong build.  It barely makes it into rank 5 and only if you have a vest + defense matrix setup.  And any decent energy mech can dodge the dual desos while pounding the krap out of that build.


On 6/14/2022 at 2:03 PM, Corvus said:

Best thing I could come up with



Ps, get a nightmare asap interceptor isn't that good anymore

This is better than dual deso.  I would still recommend to the OP that they get a better torso than Nightmare for low/mid ranks (i.e. any monkey torso).  I would still recommend not using savior resist for anything in the arena, anything.  A savior resist won't push a vest into high enough resistance to be highly useful.  Using the same build, a monkey torso with nothing but heat and energy stats modules will beat a nightmare or vest with just a savior resistance.

When comparing desolation to other 4-8 range heat weapons, burning shower and misguided rocket battery are more powerful.  Space Invader is more useful to help you fight scope mechs.  I'm not saying desolation is weak.  I'm saying how people talk about desolation is the problem.  They act like it's some insanely powerful 4-8 range weapon.  It's not.  And dual desolation builds require space, so they are naturally weak to jumpers and huggers, a problem the dual valiant sniper build also tends to have.  But because desolation does low heat damage (59 as opposed to burning shower's 108), you don't get the fun effect of your enemy's heat building up faster than they think, leading hopefully to a shutdown.

And the other thing: once you get space invaders and burning showers, some day, those desolations will just sit in your inventory.  They're just not as useful.  They work and they are an energy-free heat weapon, so I'm not saying desolation is junk.  It just does not impress me.  Maybe I'm weird.

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