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Recently I had acquired a decent amount of tokes from a unknown source (last ?????? non-gold portal), I have decided to pay the shop a visit for ... maybe some painting kits.

I don't like the marble paint. The camo paints are cool, but they are also prohibitively expensive.

The paint I had tried out is the green, yellow, and the brown.

The green is the shade of green you see in non-boss campaign, especially physic mechs.

The yellow is identical to that of a level 21 - 25 item (weapon/torso/leg/drone)

The brown is ... you can't find it elsewhere.

It is similar to a level 16-20 item (weapon/torso/leg/drone), but more red.


Interestingly, there is no black paint (level 45 - 50 item), even though there is white paint.

What is the color of a divine item? Black (like level 45 - 50)? White?

I think it's black.


I think the amount of color available to paint is too limited.

I propose a new paint color, "Sturm".


It can have many translations: Storm grey, storm, grey, charcoal(albeit, a bit more dark)

Because the default color is too bright. Mechs look like as if they are made of soldering tin. Or aluminum foil.

Too dark, and you can't see the lines clearly.

This kit can sell anywhere from the 5 tokens to 10 tokens, although 7 tokens might be preferred.


Or, being tired of adding endless kits, some type of paint where you can customize the color when you purchase it. Such a RGB kit can sell for as much as ...

Well, I'll leave TS to decide. I hope it isn't over 20 tokens bc I'd like to have it applied...


Let's be honest: The cost of the other paint is straight-out ludicrous.

I don't even think @CleverName will paint his mech in "urban camo paint" or "marine camo paint".

I don't even think I had seen one anywhere, either.


Yes, paint might be a p2w item since it do not affect gameplay in anyway, but if it cost 1.5K token just to get a mech painted (and the items might be subjected to being swapped out), isn't this a bit outrageous?

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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