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Is the Pizza cutter (Basalt polisher) worth?

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6 minutes ago, ---Soul Burner--- said:

Guys I need a suggestion that pizza cutter is best or not bcs I want to make it myth so please tell me here's my mech 




mmmh i don't know not very about basalt polisher but..with your build you have not efficient hp but if you had efficient hp ( maybe more than 2500~2600 ) that can be good, especially on energy free heat mech .

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boy, look at those modules......

still using rare modules when the rest of the mech is maxed..... get everything at least to lvl 40 legendary and then look back at the stats to see if your mech is good enough for red pizza cutter. 

also, how you gona feed corrupt light and savagery with 0 energy modules??? just the torso and some cap won't be enough. if you're going with ene-free, make sure you get some rockets and probably a sorrow. 

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