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I finish the Art of Crab titan | Electro


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I finally finish the "legs" of the crab titan so i will to show it .


The crab titan ( or Cycraber for so as not to repeat, Crabious is an option for name)


The stats and peculiarity of the Cybercraber Mark II at first difficulty :


Hp : 34.000 

Heat capacity : 500 | Cooling : ??? ( don't know the average colling stats of the titan )

Energy capacity : 300 | Energy regeneration : ???  ( don't know the average energy regeneration stats of the titan )

Res : No

Movement and possibilty to be moved : No


The weapons

It have 2 differents weapons :

The platinium Pliers 


Exp damage : 126 - 148

Heat damage : 45

Exp resist drain : 12

Heat capacity damage : 32

Cooling damage : 6 

Range : 1 - 2


The Burning Shower ( titan version )


Exp damage : 103 - 119

Heat damage : 42

Exp resist drain : 4

Cooling damage : 16

Pulling : 3

Range : 3 - 9


( The stats can be imbalanced, is my first time i made a titan )

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48 minutes ago, mohamed Alpatal Khalaf said:

The platinium Pliers should be there Cooling dmg: 5

I would like to take your comment into consideration, however I just want to know why you are suggesting the addition of cooling damage.

3 minutes ago, Identical said:

this is very good wow

Thanks ^^

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4 minutes ago, mohamed Alpatal Khalaf said:

i have just recommended you to add it to be Like OCTAVIOUS MARK ll

it's Better Stats.

octavious have different weapon ( but with the same appearance )with different stats and range ?

So i made the change that you have proposed .

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On 3/16/2022 at 10:56 AM, Electro said:


the legs..... looks a little disproportionate..... 

otherwise, it's perfect for crabby patties. 

how did Mr. Crab feel about serving his own kind in burgers???? or maybe he never cared. all for the money, you know.......

Discord: Aftokrator#9688

DeviantArt: Azorsia05 User Profile | DeviantArt

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