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Buff Grim Reaper to 1190 hp


Buff Grim Reaper to 1190 hp?  

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  1. 1. Buff Grim Reaper to 1190 hp?

    • Buff to 1190 hit points
    • Maybe less of a buff
    • No
    • I don't know / Other (please reply)

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Once again, this post is about the bigger picture of buffing energy mechs to make them at least competitive against physical and heat.

I feel that Grim Reaper has good capacities but suffers from a lack of hit points.

I think that buffing hit points to 1190 would make it about on equal footing with the monkey torsos because it has higher energy.  This could mean that someone could recover hit points with this torso by using fewer energy engines (perhaps) and then putting more armor modules.

But I'm new to this game and I'm only arena rank 11.  What do you all say?  Would buffing it to 1190 hp be good?  At 910 hp, Grim Reaper is currently about the worst energy torso in the game (in my opinion).

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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I agree. As new weapons, torsos, legs, etc., come into the game, alot of older items, get forgotten, even though they still exist. If they are to compete, with newer items, then, yes, they should receive a buff, or buffs. I have come and gone from this game, over the years, so I may be somewhat out of touch, with the inner workings of this game, but your idea seems reasonable to me.

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52 minutes ago, Shoultz262 said:

1190 is too huge of a buff, it would outclass most other non premium torsos and will be better than naga. Buffing it to about 1000 hp or so is enough for it. It was meant to be a low hp torso anyway with great energy stats.

agreed 👍

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