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Plants VS Zombies 2


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I used to play the original version of this game a lot when i was a kid. When the second ver came out, I did tried it and it is very fun until EA update a bunch of new god tier plants which need $$ to obtain. I decided to quit... until now. I'm a pretty good F2P player right now, so I decide to come back again. Bruh... EA still updating a bunch of new premium plants which costs money. But now i know what to do. There is a new tournament mode which made the game more P2W. The story mode got change a little bit, I'm a veteran now so I can easily beat all levels and events. I will post my progress here.

Come and join me if you want to feel the childhood once again...


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1 hour ago, AudiGodzilla111 said:

Well... Sorry for being kinda unactive. I was busy farming some diamonds...

I have enough to buy 1 premium plant, but i have up to 2 favorite plants: lava guava and ghost pepper.

Which should i buy first?


ghost pepper

i tried lava guava and it's bad

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12 hours ago, nas-1 said:

why some need 100 seed packets to unlock while others need 250?

well the first few seed packet unlocks required 250, then when arena seasons were implemented, the zoybean pod appeared and required 100, and the arena was the only way to get them

also i don't play it anymore so i have no idea what the last 6 plants in that picture are

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Update: Stickybomb Rice battle pass has arrived!

This is my most favorite plant because its origin is from the rice plants in Asia which where I was born and live.

Finally EA put some more attention on Asia plants! 😀

Well... and i see it is a pretty good plant as well. I highly recommend you should unlock this plant.

Here some tips to get its seeds more easier:

1. Do battle pass will give you a lot of seeds but don't grind for too much because you may need to save some gaunlets for the next seasons.

2. Playing special events can reward you with some seeds as well (I got 46 Stickybomb Rice seeds while playing how lucky i am in this game🍀)

3. My favorite is that you can buy 10 seeds in the shop offer for a limited time.

Now good luck for getting this plant, gardener!

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