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My original mech #1


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i woudn't exactly say hybrid builds are bad. they're just only useful in some very specific situation. 

i use hybrids. both of my 2v2 arena builds are heat-phys hybrids. (guess that explains why i'm stuck at rank 10. even tho having an individual phys and heat mech didn't do much for me either. i'm just experimenting.)

if you have a nightfall to cover rank 2-ish, don't use a drunk lightning. (less suicidal weapons means higher chance of living... sorta)

replace drunk lightning with a malice beam or something (to get energy drain) malice shouldn't be that hard to get. 

if anything, don't use lazy falcon or any other suicidal (backfire) snipers. not worth it. hysteria or even reckless beam (for hyrbid purposes,and, you know, less energy cost and covers the range) could work. 

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