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Plain Bad Luck on my alt


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I started an alt account a month or two ago to try out different builds from my main. Unfortunately, my luck has been god awful thus far. I got a savagery, corrupt light and nemo early on, so I started going for a boiler and ascended the nemo to legendary. Unfortunately, I got 2 legendary nemos during the week after I upgraded mine to legendary. I've had a similar problem with torsos. I got 2 lightning platinum vests, which is very nice, but I'd already mythed a windigo before getting them, and additional torsos are nearly useless to me this early on. They've been my only two premium items thus far. The final issue on my alt is I can't seem to make a full mech. I'm stuck with a flaming hammer, nemo, and the two aforementioned heat weapons at max legendary, but haven't gotten any other heat weapons to finish my boiler. I've upgraded a few phys weapons, but not enough to make a good main phys build, so I'm stuck with a heat/phys hybrid mech until my drops improve.

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14 minutes ago, PlainBadLuck said:

Screenshot 2021-10-14 10.53.53 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-10-14 10.53.27 PM.png

I mythed an lpv today for my second mythical, since I still don't know if I'll be using phys or heat for my main mech.

Also there is a max legendary corrupt light on the 2nd mech, hidden by the hammer.




Put the cannon to physical mech and the corrupt to heat

abom= twisted

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Hcaptcha scam

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I've been praying for an abomination for the heat mech, but it seems unlikely that I'll actually get one. If my luck doesn't improve, I'll probably do your suggested phys mech. I just wanna be as efficient as possible in the early game, and not upgrade weapons I'll eventually have to replace (to be competitive in higher ranks) like reckless beam or terror cry.

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