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Why not? 2 Thunder Crash

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A version energy of the charge engine, this is the normal versión of the charge engine (Epic to mithycal) something simple



Thunder Crash

Damage: Level 1: 37 —55, 25 energy damage; Level 30: 59 — 77, 40 energy damage

Cost: Nothing (I think the chargers works like the Resistance breakers) 

Weight: 20 kg


Damage: Level 1: 77 — 95, 45 energy damage; Level 40:97 — 125, 60 energy damage


Damage: Level 1: 125 — 170, 70 energy damage; Level 50: 175 — 225, 85 energy



(A bad edit of a charge engine xd) 

Edited by Bring live your dreams (see edit history)
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