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Best card type to craft?

Exquisite Phosphorus


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1 hour ago, Exquisite Phosphorus said:

So Im wondering if crafting common card is better than crafting quick common cards. Quick common cards is double the cost of common cards but craft 3 times faster, so which one is better to go for?

Common is definitely better.

It's much more efficient than any other card since it's just 1k gold per card, so you can make a lot of upgrade food for a very low price (100 cards = 100k gold and 1 day of time to make all of them).

However, power kits are just as efficient for mass upgrades. If you use common crafted cards to upgrade crafted power kits to max rare, you can easily upgrade things like freshly-made myths that you need to get to level 50 as soon as possible.

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