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Whiteout's How To: Get Rid of Clingy Mission/Achievement Completion Notifications

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The Mentally-Mandatory Introduction

Greeting, pilots, Whiteout the Very Forgettable Everyday Pilot here. Sorry about the inactivity period that I've been currently going through, I've sort of been taking a break from the game, so I've lost most of my ideas for what to make in terms of topics.. Until now. I decided to make a topic in order to alleviate the silence period of mine for a bit.. Oh, and to give my fanbase of literally no one something to read to make up for my absence.

As for what this topic is.. Well.. It's better if you read the topic rather than trying to get the general idea from this intro. That way, there's actual incentive to read the full thing instead of attempting a Whiteout Topic any% speedrun by reading the first segment as fast as possible then fleeing from the topic in order to set some kind of world record.. For some odd reason.

So.. Uh.. Enjoy the topic and don't get hit by heat huggers on the way down. I guess..


The Problem

Have you ever played the game casually or competitively and found yourself confronted by a mission/achievement complete notification to feel that sweet sensation of accomplishment? Did you celebrate the completion of that hard-to-achieve task to then notice that the notification is still hanging around after its intended visiting time and is now ruining the immersive experience that you were enjoying moments before the notification decided to spoil it?

It's really satisfying to complete long-term objects and see those notifications pop up before your eyes to show that you've done it but even notifications have a frame of time before it goes from a satisfying sight to something that is the equivalent of a scammer prolonging their stay in your private messages, trying to beg you into accepting their "free tokens" when you really just wanted to fight a chat-dwelling, trashtalking smurf hiding in rank 15 and destroy them with your sweet rank 7-capable build that was born for such a task.

Even worse, some of these notification instances refuse to go away even after a long time, essentially being a permanent addition to your screen and being a major pain in your power kit when you're trying to enjoy an unbearable arena grind or very long campaign grinding session. I know, this sounds like a nightmare that even rank 1 gods and goddesses would tremble at the sight of due to having no true weakness for them to strategize or spam against.


The Solution

If it really is a nightmare to surpass Platinum Vests, what could ever purge these monstrosities and save the gaming session from a hard reset? It's quite simple, really..

Just punch it.

"Wait, is this seriously some kind of f#!@ing joke?! How dare you waste my precious game time by clickbaiting me into reading a useless post", you might be wondering to yourself. However, this isn't a joke. You just have to tap/click on it when it refuses to move. Yes, this is seriously how you make those prolonged notifications disappear. Did you honestly expect me to say that it required a full-on dive into the game's coding and several changes to remove them or something of that sort followed by me doing a step-by-step explanation on how to do that?

If so, you are really overestimating both the notification's capabilities and my non-existent coding knowledge.


The Just-As-Mentally-Mandatory-As-The-Introduction Closing

So, you've actually made it to the bottom of the topic, eh? Congratulations! You get to walk away with the sliver of knowledge that I've bestowed upon you and probably got  a laugh out of reading my weirdly random sense of humor and satirical snark-iness. Will this knowledge help you down the line? Most likely not but it's a piece of knowledge that's best held onto in case the proper situation tries to catch you off-guard.

Yes, the "clingy notification" situation is rarer than the highly sought-after Greedy but it's a thing that will likely ruin that highly intense rank 15 battle you're participating in because any distraction is a fatal distraction™, so it's better to keep this secret technique by your side than let that notification be the cause of your Claw Stomp-induced destruction.


That's it for the topic, you are now free to leave at your own leisure. Well.. Not exactly at your leisure since staying here for too long is enough to be considered as strange activity, but still at your leisure. it's a complicated scenario.

This has been Whiteout's Words of Questionable Quality. Stay safe out there, pilots. Until we meet again in any sort of period of time from now.

This is Whiteout, signing off.


P.S - This topic is a mixture of satire and truth. As for what is which is up for you to decide. Don't get mad at me for not giving away any hint as to what that means.. Figuring that out for yourself is a free activity for you to waste time on, like the dysfunctional maze on the back of cereal boxes that don't have any way of completing or those complicated crossword puzzles that are hard to solve due to sloppy alignment and extremely small letter size.

Ok, this is the actual end of the topic. You may go or do the free activity that yields no prizes.. Or whatever idea that you might have somehow come up with by looking at this topic. There's not much to work off of here, so I doubt there's a way to come up with unique ideas here. If you do somehow come up with one, I'll just silently question your sanity from the corner of someplace. I won't tell you when I'll be judging you or how I'll be doing so. It's simply more fun that way.



If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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