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Hybrid Energy Drone?

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This can be either a hybrid version of a drone (or possibly, the windforge drone version if it would be buffed just like the Swoop, that's why the costs enclosed in parentheses)


Inverse Setting (Windforge Buffed) 

Damage Energy: Level 1: 75 — 100, energy damage -80, - 5 resistance damage, Level 40: 80 to 110, energy damage -95

Range: *infinity simbol*

Cost: +40 heat (20 energy and 10 heat) 

Weight: 46 kg


Damage: Level 1: 90 — 120, - 100 energy damage, 6 - Energy resistance, Level 50: 110 — 150, - 140 energy damage

Cost: +70 heat (31 energy and 21 heat) 

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10 minutes ago, InsaneSM75 said:

I do not understand. You were talking about drone and then you showed me picture of recoiler and nightmare..

Thats what i use to separate the stats. I have of the epic too, but this not uses the stat of epic, only legendary and mithycal


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51 minutes ago, AftoKrator said:

i think we got enough hybrid stuff. plus, drones are already like an extra buff for those who have one in battle. it's like a third turn. lets not make it too op. 

maybe limited to 3 uses like faceshocker

I thinked in a limitation  too, because the drones that have much damage

1: Have range limitation

2: Uses backfire

3: uses (faceshoker or heat point) in this case wil use this option

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