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This is exactly what I was talking about...What can someone understand what comes from who and to whom,from how many and where?Literallt,that's a massive shitfest and it makes no sense...


Like a reply from X merged with the reply of Y (shows no names) who quoted A that also,in turn,quoted B,while the quitation box shows B's reply as being merged with C's reply just like it happened with X and Y's replies?

Or maybe a reply from X merged with a reply from Y that replied to himself or someone else through a quote,quoting Z's reply that has been merged with X's????



Ok Alex,I am sorry...I am done with this forum for now.This is too much.And I am so extremely sorry and sad that the proper forum that made sense closes down in a few hours,possibly.

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You really need to chill a bit, please try to remain calm. 


Quotes do show who is being quoted unless you override it, they do not show nested quotes unless you force it to manually because it would turn long discussions into massive posts of endlessly embedded posts. 


Pretty sure @CDR_Xavier was manually quoting to make sure the content was included.

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