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There's no way to unlock it, but you can obtain it.It usually came from season box, fortune box, premium box and premium pack.

It was called "premium" for reason because the drop rate are very small and powerful as well.

Premium item have 3 tier. Legendary, mythical and divine. 

As long I know it was nearly impossible to reach top rank without 1 this days.

What the point?

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“Premium” items are items that can only be obtained at legendary tier (you may also hear people refer to them as L-Ms). As such, they are quite difficult to obtain. While many of them are exceptionally powerful, a good handful are quite useless.

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10 hours ago, Nobody said:

So i've been playing for a while i'm level 107 rn and i just found out that apparently there are premium items and its not just my bad luck. how do i unlock those premium itmes?

Premium weapons are just weapons that start at legendary, you get them from things that give you legendarys.

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