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Good or Not Good?


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15 hours ago, Redskullhead49 said:

Finally found a physical drone.. But.. Is it good?

Super Mechs_2021-04-23-19-04-51.jpg

Void is decent but there's drones that can beat it quite easily.

HOWEVER, it's a good cheap drone if you need a use for a drone that can do decent damage without demanding much energy, generating much heat, having range limits, or having backfire costs for infinite range tradeoffs.

It's also pretty light for a physical drone, so there's some potential in using it for weight conservation in a physical build that has heavy weapons or mods.

But yeah, it'll get you through the early parts of the game but its low damage (176 - 230) will quickly lose effectiveness once you run into targets that have drones like Tonto (2-4 range but 227 - 414 damage) or Selfish Protector (-86 HP per shot but 247 - 442 damage), two extremely popular E-M drones used because of their high damage potential.

Note: The damage stats provided are Divine + Arena Buffs, so those are the full damage potentials of the drones shown (without accounting for target's physical resistance because that's too variable for someone to just pin it as a single value).

And yes, the backfire cost shown for Selfish Protector is with arena buffs, so it's less than the initial cost of 108 per shot. Just a head's up.

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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