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Disable base take too long



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16 hours ago, Canucklehead said:

I believe it can take up to 3 - 4 days, depending on when you submitted the request, weekends, etc.. All good things come to those who wait.

5 to 4 days man's its been a month 4 me get outta here

37 minutes ago, SomeOneBad said:

its soo expensive why i would pay 200k for epic ?

Yes not even garrented my guy dont waste your money on that 100k after spending 20mill and 6 months to upgrade wut are yall base users on crack

2 hours ago, Pink555 said:

I dont undersand honesly why people hate base . For me personally i love it its beytet than silver box you get 100 k gold if gold mines are lvl 20

Bro 100 k for 20mill and 6 months of upgrades and is worth it dude stop wasting money and use logic because what your saying make no sense my guy

3 hours ago, armedmech12345 said:

my base is also maxed idk why noobs are disabling it it makes POWER KITS

You can get power kits from boxes too and it doent take time and upsurd amount of money what are you stupid

3 hours ago, littlelost jr. said:

why you want to disable base i get valiant and fractuced heat armor from the base...

i have max it, its so good

That does sound good ngl buts its like 1/10 chance yo get legendary from what ive seen so no i dont wanna spend 200k on epic when i can get one for 30k instantly 

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6 minutes ago, ButtersStoch said:

Same here i requested it a week ago and my buddy requested it the beginning of january and they’re still not doing anything, I guess just wait it out it sucks. Good Luck!

Thanks :)))) i have been waiting since January too!!!

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