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  1. even unlimited use many people will not use it phy mech are designed to kill opponent instantly purifier can only deal 200+ damage, where other energy free phy weapon like mercy and distance shreddar can deal up to 500+ damage
  2. different is better many people use counter in low rank if opponent make one correct counter type for you, you will have a really tough time
  3. the result was wrong im pretty sure inmax won against htk but i saw htk getting many new quality members now congrats
  4. Raid 5 score higher than raid 6??? And I have seen his much and replay not even divine... Bro these top player are not fake though Now you see it So do you still wanna protect him now?? @MasterChief
  5. Bro seriously did you see which tier is he on now??
  6. Off course not Rank7 can get high point but he is over the maximum point dude
  7. this season 3v3 raid.... his obviously cheating lol
  8. i cant believe that this rank7 guy doing raid better than those rank1 lol
  9. keep 1 @MasterChief maybe will get buff one day
  10. i like Nefertary thinking shes good.. she always think of the average player
  11. purifier is the best premium myth food....
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