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  1. Poggers how bout 175 not to much to little :))
  2. Well base sucks and its not gone i feeel enraged because it take so long the ammont of time it takes for them remove base i got 2000+ tokens from watching ads
  3. Very sad but we have a new forum :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  4. Alex could i have my base dissbled
  5. Are you sure about that? :))))))))
  6. I mean if they are number one and cheating they should be the first to be banned How do we know he not that good and what make him a cheater idk what im looking at
  7. Clever name isnt lucky he can spend over 5000 tokens but only show us the part where he gets the weapon with the power of editing now ones luck is better than others it depends on the tokens you spend to get that one weapon you want
  8. Only 40 packs in 8 years wtf i get 1 pack per week how are you playing and the more premium pack you get the better the chances i would say 33% but getting good legendaries is 12% mostly get trash legendaries
  9. You do know you just take a pic of it in your workshop right?
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