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  1. This is my third time asking if it is possible to get back my account i only remember username and in-game name . I had a headache when I was trying to remember my password for months and belive me am not trying to steal somene account because no one login to this account for years i dont has email so this is soo hard to get . everyday i try passwords to login but i fail pls end My suffering il do anything to prove that this account belong to me
  2. tf how my base is enable it was disabled am sure that i didnt enable it ?????????
  3. i was goin to play supermech but when i log in the game still showing me ( connecting to the server please wait ) and end up with retry again . idk if this problem from the game or i had a problem
  4. its soo expensive why i would pay 200k for epic ?
  5. why disabling base take too long time ?
  6. am just gonna ask if its possible to disable base or some of staff do it i has 2 accounts and it is too slow to progress pls help me
  7. Hello SP Community . am trying to remember my password for my old account that i forgot it cuz i didnt play for 3 years or more i only remember my username and in game name and some gears thats am using this is my childhood game probably that why i forgot my password [ if you can only let me see my email that i registered with it maybe i can get it back] thank you
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