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I need to be out of SM, at least for a little while.

Evelyn Rose

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Hello, I think I got quite tired of SM, I need a break from the game since it generates great frustration, it was fun but lately every time I enter the arena I only find mythical counters or full, it does not give me problems, but, every time I always start with the second, and that does not even amuse me, it only guarantees a defeat, and I cannot use my second as it is very weak, apart from my work I will have to do something important, I will not say for personal reasons, but I want to relax from all those people with full mythical ones, especially those who make fun...


I do not give up, I just need to feel free of many burdens, frustrations, stress, help my clan to a large number of wins, (I want to believe), as a sign of farewell, this is my clan today.


Rest boys and girls, I'll be back in April as new =).


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It's okay to relax, the game does get you fed up at a certain point, but you can always counteract that by improving, I've seen your build and it shows how much you've improved, patience and wisdom will always do your best. , and I know that one day you will give what is due to those counters who only spend it hesitating.


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hey, i feel your pain. i used to not be able to advance because my secondary was weak, but when i focused, farmed, and upgraded the things i needed to, i quickly moved from the rank 11-12 trap, and into rank 10-8

plus, i had everyone here encouraging me to advance 😄


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