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Merry Christmas! 🎄



Hi Pilots, 

Best wishes for these holidays and I hope you are all spending a wonderful time with your friends and families! For those that don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you are still enjoying this time of the year. 

I hope by now you have found our Christmas portal. If you haven't, have a try as the rewards are definitely worth it. We will also be giving out the Christmas box, same like last year's. 

You should get it in your notifications automatically - don’t worry, not everyone will get it at the same time and it can take up to 24 hours to deliver. You can also simply log onto the desktop version to get the reward, failing that. 

Merry Christmas everyone and have fun! 🎄🎊 ☃️


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22 hours ago, Darkweaver said:

Я попробовал еще раз :S, но у меня не получилось

I also faced this problem. Go to supermechs.com on your computer, log in to your account and see if your Christmas box has arrived 📦. It usually doesn't come the first time. Login to your account and reload the site page :))) Everything should work out this time. If not, then I don't know how to help you. 

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Hello greetings, please deactivate my base. My reason is because I don't fit into this mode, to be honest, I like something more complex this is my


ID: 65279578

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