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  1. Nice background..

  2. Zarkares


    You sure it was a random hacker, like you did not give your password to anyone at all?
  3. You should also check this video out, it's one of the 3 brothers
  4. Oh you were the creator of this?
  5. (Note that rewards in this picture might be incorrect especially the tier distribution. I believe some rng should be determined by the devs such as the amount of certain rarity should be more/less.) Lucky Wheel So this is my idea of a wheel to spice things up, the main key points I believe it should have are: - A free spin option every X days (So you better think carefully to save it for this current wheel or the next one) - Wheel rewards reset every few days, (Free spin should recharge LONGER than the reset time) - Free Spin does not reset if the rewards reset, the rule should be like above - A token option that does not have a spin limit, (Maybe price increases every spin and the token cost resets daily? Or maybe a one time price that should be high) Thoughts? (I sneaked in an Ultraspade for fun)
  6. I'm getting a pair of glasses next week for the first time ever (my eyes are not that bad its just my right one is a bit distorted). I thought we would have matching pairs but my rims are thicker
  7. Using a little filter because my skin is bad so this is a great reminder to start taking care of my face more (took this pic just now)
  8. Thunder Phoenix, also how do i make it smaller?
  9. Zarkares


    Hello my real name is Bao, getting used to this format is gonna take a while
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