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  1. True, so many gone, shows how strict the new rules are.
  2. More players leave us, very sad, alex, when can we expect an energy buff? or any new item?
  3. The Great

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    Known F2P rank 1's are: Zero Ad1tya Mr. Lord Tirregregars Anonymous Demon Dk any more ngl
  4. With great pain that I inform everyone of the quitting of Leaf.
  5. Sad to see them go, Ricemech was banned, nefertary was slandered away L4K3 quit, pity he truly was a top, @L4K3, if ur still there say smth pls. So many gone, so many old players, the forum really has died due to the strict censorship, which makes sense but is doing more harm than good it seems. The game is very dead, I cannot be sure, but it seems that so many players are leaving, clans such as littlelost your lost which survived through reloaded are dead now. Truly sad to see this great game go. No new items, no energy fix really did kill the game huh? We miss grosboss on this topic Ik the message is from schulz but that's the balance update topic
  6. The greats, the ones that were constantly active. @MasterChief @RaymondL1747 @Sparks These are all the ones I remember from this forum and the past one that haven't been seen in a while, feel free to add more.
  7. Maybe a bit more information? The impossibility of this task considering the clan is dead, and few people wish to join it. Who will be the new leader?
  8. You push on normally 2 accounts, and get them to high ap, for example, ur main is at 200, and ur two other accs at 190, then you all 3 enter the arena at the same time, get matched and ur alts quit vs ur main (smo else or another device pilots the alts), you then all close and reopen the game, this allows you to rematch with the same opponenet (your alt) multiple times, this way u can gain a lot of ap, however, it leaves no replays.
  9. If only besty and wep were here to witness and revel in this
  10. Have fun, and good luck in the outside world, just don't come back
  11. change torso, take off a plat, change mdos to typical mods
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