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  1. Many people know about these things. It doesn't make sense to stick your own head in the sand and pretend it never happened. Rather, it would be fair to face the problem and have a uniform meter on everyone. I wrote to Alexander that it would catch up with him one day. And here it is ...
  2. Don't be afraid this video will be posted by many players here. Even if I got a ban on the account in this forum. They can't delete the video because I won't damage the GATO name or the game itself. I'll just write a process of what happened and when it happened. The difference between a hacker who didn't invest a penny and had 3xmeta from each category and me, who wanted my account back to the condition before the hack. Working for an hour. I would publicly apologize for not waiting for someone from TS or GATO to withdraw 12,000 tokens and 120,000,000 coins from my account. But it happened exactly at the time when the sale took place and no one could do anything and SARAH was no longer working. I spent about 2,000 of the tokens and 80,000,000 of gold. I just wanted to play and not wait 2 months for someone to clear my account. I explained all this to Alexander, I invited him to a joint discussion with Sarah, where I helped solve the problem in RAID. At first he told me that he would deal with the newly hired country managers and after 3 months of waiting he just stupidly announced that he would not do it, because if I cheated once, I would cheat again. But other fraudsters don't mind ... LOL The whole game has now become a mecca for snitches. It's a shame.
  3. And when you see in my video how Alexander moral meter works for one person who cheat once because he tried to find out something for SARAH and reported it, Alexander just fired her before. And then for the other person who secretly sold an offer here for $ 100 and $ 120, who got from devs for $ 49, you say, it's all ridiculous. I know what Alexander would like the most. Most would like this device: So that we don't remember anything and he doesn't have to feel bad about the people who sold, and for twice as much ... in addition, they are such rich people.
  4. I would like to say something else about the Item portal.It was one of the things @Burn Baby Burn pointed out to me. He explained to me that the Item portal has one more function, in addition to giving you a new epic item. If you've been playing long enough, the item portal has given you legy items. The players exchanged information about who missed the tokens and how many legions received. Alexander is a strict mathematician. He sees everything through calculations and immediately knows what pays off and what doesn't. But more people are playing this game. And as they say - more people, there are more tastes. Try to reach out to the community more. After all, it was one of the first promises you made to us after the purchase from TS. The biggest problem for @Alexander, so at least I hope so is that he allows unjustly armed players to play. There aren't many of them anymore, but they still are. I promised Clevername I wouldn't say that, but over time I see the importance of telling the community about bad things. I also promised the community that I would write down how I got the ban and what I did for the game ... but only later and in the form of a video that no one can delete and can ban here on the account. So, as has been shown several times in the foreground, a video about opening premium boxes with dozens of epic and legy divine crystals. Our friend Clevername received this offer from SARAH. Two years ago, a player no one knew and wanted to play in RR, but was eventually taken by TF. He knew that when Tacticsoft came with the divine, he had no chance and money would not help him. The only thing that could help him was divine offer for money. For a bit of fame, he made an agreement where one unnamed developer made a tailor-made offer for him. First it was a 50purple/50gold divine relics and 2x Cockpit burner and then a 50purple/50gold divine relics and 2x Selfish Guardian. But the richest player in the world who can buy everything has started selling offers. I don't know how many people besides me and ROMAN has sold it. But the video where KOKOTOV aka Supermechs Helper opens premium boxes with dozens of purple and gold divine relics is an offer I sold him. For $ 49 as he stood. Not for $ 100 first and $ 120 second, as Clevername sold me the same offer ... LOL What I mean by that is that, from a moral point of view, such an offer should be offered every month. Let the players who are p2w and want to beat Clevername have a chance to fulfill the dream. Because perhaps no one here thinks the situation is fair. Either Alexander should take the Clevername divine mark from 100 epic and 100 legal things, or he should offer such offers to everyone. Peace for all clever players
  5. You don't understand because you don't have self-reflection. Create an account and play with it for 2 months and play golden gate on hard. How much will you earn? Don't think about yourself. Forgot your majority account? But Alexander said he would reconsider this over time. So you will definitely be satisfied too
  6. Once again, please use self-reflection. We're talking about 20,000 players. We're not talking about the 200th Spock from STAR TREK, it would explain it to you like this: "The needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the minority."
  7. And what did you expect them to reduce the difficulty for most players while leaving the amount of the reward? You don't count as a majority, you're almost a TOP player. Gato made a compromise. That's why Alexander called it solved.
  8. Exactly as you say. I have confirmed from the no longer working devs that it is defined in the game system. We'll be conspirators now, but I don't really care. The only solution is to put it in the offer of new mechs. You still throw half of the mechs in the trash or use it as food, but at least you buy what it needs. If Gato does that, it will give a drastic price, because more they want p2w they will buy premium packs where 4 good things will fall for every $ 100 ... LOL
  9. Yes, that's right. We all feel it. In connection with the introduction of so many "improvements", I would like @Alexander to finally improve the offer of mechs. I am glad that GATO is getting rid of outdated game styles and models used by TS. At the same time, it would give players a chance to get things that the game (I believe by chance LOL) did not give them even after 3 years of playing. For example: There is only one good thing about this offer - Crimson rapture. It is certainly not a problem to give much better weapons and modules, and let the mech cost 15,000 tokens. Especially let the player not be frustrated for 3 years but have a choice. If a player in a flash game has to pay three times the price for a top PS5 title, then let him get something valuable for it.
  10. I'm a little sad that you locked the topic about GOLDEN PORTAL, but I understand, you solved it ... However, there was a question about the differences in the accounts. The issue of account differences has been addressed several times in the past. If you didn't turn off the old forum, I'd give you a copy-paste thread where it was written about. TS devs also admitted that there were differences in the accounts. So I ask again why one account gets 20 claws and not one valiant or spartan. And another account gets 8 valiants and not a single claws. And this is happening permanently. It doesn't even matter how long you play. If you are an f2p player you may get maybe one valiant in 1 or 2 years. I guess if you invest a large amount at once, you will lose what you need. But that supports what I'm asking. Accounts are intentionally set in accounts so that the system knows what to give primarily. I hope you don't call it a conspiracy theory, because it would be embarrassing. Thank you for your response.
  11. They've already figured it out. We all understand that.
  12. All of this would be nice if no changes were made before. Now you are the only one who advocates change. If you want to have a factual discussion that can lead to a compromise, you would have to try all the options.
  13. Exactly as you write. GATO prefers TOP players who do not need the portal to play. Illogical logic. Rather, GATO should have left the challenge as it was and increased the reward. GATO would be loved, and those few tokens would not progress enough to damage GATO Games' revenue. Could the best programmer in the world finally write the truth about accounts? Why do some accounts still get the claws and vest torsos and in 3 years they get one spartan and valiant and on the other hand someone gets 10 valiants and spartans and not even one claws. This is the intentional unbalance that has us players withdrawing money for Premium packs.
  14. Not for 16 years, not for 18 years, but exactly for 17 years. Where do you go about that, Alex? Were you on the jury? When and for what exactly did they convict him?
  15. There are still enough paying players. I would not buy this game in my product portfolio. Not because it's a bad game or because it doesn't have perspective. But because it is leaky and has so many bugs, it is impossible to service it. Tacticsoft (read Michael) had known this for a long time and let her go with her own inertia. The last thing was to make a game plan for the year until it finds a buyer and the whole sale takes place. Managed to. I'm sure even Alexander didn't know what he was doing. I look forward to more events awaiting this game. I hope it's not just about Alexander showing that his kung fu is better than hackers. But that will be about balancing the whole game.
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