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  1. Not for 16 years, not for 18 years, but exactly for 17 years. Where do you go about that, Alex? Were you on the jury? When and for what exactly did they convict him?
  2. There are still enough paying players. I would not buy this game in my product portfolio. Not because it's a bad game or because it doesn't have perspective. But because it is leaky and has so many bugs, it is impossible to service it. Tacticsoft (read Michael) had known this for a long time and let her go with her own inertia. The last thing was to make a game plan for the year until it finds a buyer and the whole sale takes place. Managed to. I'm sure even Alexander didn't know what he was doing. I look forward to more events awaiting this game. I hope it's not just about Alexander show
  3. Kong is short name for Kongregate. Many old players had accounts on Kongregate. They made this game a reputation. When it comes to money, these players have been investing nothing or very little in the game for a long time. So they are an important asset for the game because they have valuable knowledge. From a business point of view, they are unnecessary because they do not generate profit. Transferring accounts from kong to sm.com is easy but laborious. Gato is still growing with new members, but I don't expect their job to be just that ... So I wrote RIP KONG for it. It's a big loss. Such v
  4. Jesper


    Stop solving it, I wrote it in a private message and I will write it here as well. If you had communicated like this in the past, many things would have been resolved a long time ago. I didn't communicate with you before I was banned because I didn't even know who you were. And I didn't even know your email until the launch of banwave. My thinking is not silly. My reasoning is the same as the Tirreggregars. You cannot unban into accounts where an LP was used and funds were spent on items. You did it and now you say it's different from my minutes. Just because that user put more money into the
  5. Jesper


    You can't be serious about this. I explained to you in the first appeal that I did all the spending (120,000,000) and tokens (20,000 - really I really only try LP) because I didn't have any feedback from SARAH and the game seemed to be over. My bad luck was that Sarah stopped (forbade) from communicating on the old forum. Yes, of course I didn't spend the money. By the way, in my case, if you make the effort and trace the IP, you will find that I personally did not do any hacking. RUS did it - I will not mention his name yet. And I wrote it to SARAH and to you that I have proof of how it is do
  6. Jesper


    When no one understood why RAID scams were happening and the first RAID bugs occurred. When he started cheating in the game and G.I.E.N.A. began to spread hacking opportunities among players, I dealt with this with SARAH. Only a few people knew something was going on. On the other hand, there were people who knew how to use the GOLDEN GATE hack and other things ... I think it's pretty easy to figure out when it started. The Russians knew that multitabing would not stop the end of flash as early as 2019. Sarah and I started to deal with it in 7/2020.
  7. Jesper


    All the evidence I sent to Alex was invited to a discussion with SARAH, even before the old forum was banned. I have some snapshots of it. A guarantee from one very respected player was also made for me. I'm an old player and I had no problem apologizing to my teammates. But Alex somehow didn't take that into account. It's a pity, because it was enough to return before the date of use of the LP and it would be easy ... I am preparing a video that will be a testimony ...
  8. Alex only communicates when it suits him. He only solves what he wants. I told him a lot of relevant things but he coughed it up. The whole appeal is one scam. When I wrote to him that he could return my account before the lucky patcher period, he coughed it up. He can't understand with his brain that I'm not a hacker who hasn't used a single dollar to succeed. I even sent him a communication with Sarah, where I dealt with cheating and informed Sarah that I had figured out how to do it. I showed him all this, but he didn't solve it. And don't get me wrong, he now relies only on the players' re
  9. Tactisoft proved impossible ... lowered the rating on the new item to 0.03% ... LOL Btw. First I would finish the nerf and buff of all the items in the game. Because now it's a tragedy. A few things were done and they all threw themselves on a few torsos, one drone and a few weapons. This is the number one priority for me because it is very unbalanced.
  10. Is it different in the world of programming? It's even more important my friend. Only stupid windows updates have to be tested on thousands of different configurations. I'm tired of listening to these things about how the poor in KONG couldn't find out. Nor did the fact that Supermechs players had a lot of time to prepare for the end of Flash. Really? Once you can't migrate from Kong to an SM server, you're a hostage to Kong. That Kong was naive (read the scams) when he signed a contract with Supernova a few months before the end of FLASH. But hand on heart friends, it's always just about
  11. OK, I needed to hear this. So don't fall asleep on your laurels and please give you the ongoing progress of the negotiations. Good luck Alex...
  12. So how is it? The Kongregate has an agreement with Supernova. Supernova is so amateurish that she doesn't know how to fix a game. Players cannot play. The supernova doesn't have to fix anything, and the Kongregate says they may not continue to support SM play. However, NO ONE may affect SM accounts because they are linked to Kongregate accounts. GATO can't help because he's afraid of lawsuits and the Congregate doesn't want to help because it would cost more money than they're willing to sacrifice ... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAU
  13. Still, I'm interested in the number. This is not a problem for them. They will find out such a data in 5 seconds. At least we will know how many there are those unfortunates who "can't be helped" ...
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