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  1. Yes now Discord may be a faster chat tool, but user friendly was a more old forum.
  2. I also had almost the entire old forum stored. But my HDD gave up and I had a few pictures left.
  3. Am I not there again? OK, this was on purpose. Understand this as the end of the relationship on my part.
  4. I agree, on the other hand, I will ask how long TS has not been with us? You know, it's like a new president wins an election. They will also start evaluating it after the first 100 days. You know what I mean...
  5. I don't know how you evaluate it, but they taught me that if someone asks me to win from Sunday to the end of Wednesday, I can give it to him. According to affection. On Thursday and Friday, it is rude to ask for victory, because you are already working intensively on AP for the good of the clan. So if someone asks me on Thursday night that they need the last victory to get Rank1 and thus the Rank1 box, then I will consider it intensively. Everyone asks me unnecessarily on Friday. I will not give victory to my brother either. Basically, we agree that the logic of the label makes sense in all circumstances. 1. Players with a low rank do not care if they have a boosting mark. It's a reward and he doesn't have to deal with it. 2. Clan mates from your clan will not meet you in the arena. 3. If you have alt accounts in other clans or unclassified accounts with which you boost the main account, they could be given the B-12 mark. 4. None of the top 30 professional players will boost anymore, as this will reduce their quality of victory. I think the algorithm for this would not be extra branched in any way ...
  6. Exactly. It will happen all the time. Maybe it would be worth mentioning if everyone had a mark next to their name. For example, B14. Everyone will know that a player has boosted 14 times. And it's up to the player whether he wants to boost or not. Because prestige is more important to some and less to others. The difference is to be a rank and medal player with a B0 mark or to have a B120. Then the medal is more of a shame.
  7. It should be added that if you do not get your Alt as an opponent within 2 seconds, you must quit immediately. For example, I enjoyed hunting. In a clan, 5 or 8 people will meet at the same time. One of them wants to strengthen or get higher in the rankings. Everyone is synchronizing their entrance to the Arena. They catch those opponents who would be able to defeat the man you want to boost with their build. At least I find this amusing.
  8. I think he is firm in his decision. And that's good. I would be more interested in which game to improve now.
  9. I hope the fires stop. I'm sick of the people who pay to start a fire somewhere. I hope they already set fire to them in hell under the boiler. In our country, the government sells all wood abroad. So the western countries will have beautiful wooden furniture and IKEA will sell us the waste from chipboard. But the advantage is that it will have nothing to burn for a while. We will be like Easter islands. There will be no chips left.
  10. With all due respect, you need to know the priorities: 1. 6wxu83f988r01.mp4 2. 3.
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