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Happy Easter!



Hello Pilots!

Gato wishes you happy Easter! We hope you will have a pleasant day with your families. 

A present from us, an easter box, will be in mobile notifications. Dont worry if you dont get it immediately, some might be simply delayed. The ones who log in on desktop or Puffin ( https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall ) will also be getting one, for the next few days. Make sure you share the information with your clanmates and friends so they get it as well. 

The box is also available at the store, I know its not a chocolate egg but it usually comes with a pattern, if not, then you will be getting an extra item. So those who have been saving up, I wish you best of luck!

Happy Easter everyone!


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when you take into account the free tokens, portals, holidays etc.etc, youll realize that you get hooked up from time to time by just playing the game.  its easy to let yourself get disgruntled over time or if you hang around those who let themselves become disgruntled and become vocal about it over the usual, "ive been playing SM for x years and never get..." or SM is dumb, why do they do this and that when they should be doing...", "SM is dying and they know it so they are just cash grabbing what they can".  or the famous "SM manipulates players acc's and drop rates so they can make the most money"  i can tell you that these players should be avoided because they became disgruntled over not getting the items they feel they deserve and have completely forgotten how to have fun in the game.  Im strictly F2P this time around and have had more fun playing SM then ever before and have gotten some sweet items by just playing, like evryone else. Ive gotten poked fun at by upper ranked players because i dont follow the "meta" builds and my response is " i build what i want and whats fun, apparently you cant say that anymore".  Moral of the story is, its a game, its meant to be enjoyed so enjoy it.  When SM hooks you up daily and for raids, season ends, grinding and holiday bonuses...dont forget that because they dont HAVE to do those things.  They do them to show the playerbase thanks for being loyal etc etc.  Dont be that player thats "omg thank you SM for the sweet free items" today and tommorow its back to the disgruntled and jaded player.  Play it, enjoy it.

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