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Hi, I'm Quantum. I am 17 and I play Supermechs. My main account used to be my alt. It has the same name as my forum name but used to be Plastic Fish. The first account, which I almost never use anymore, is Red Viper, and it was made as the new hammers were being released. I think my current main account was made during the Battery Armor era. I am a F2P and the highest number of tokens I have ever had is 800 something.

Only my main mech has any mythicals and I have no divines, yet. Also somebody tell me whether Frantic Flame is any good because I have 2 Flame Spears somehow but no damage-oriented heat build.

I play a variety of other games as well, mostly Champions Online, which is a superhero MMO. I also play Starblast.io, Warin.space, Voxiom.io, etc. occasionally. My name in these smaller games is generally RAAAAARGH, but my name in Voxiom is Quantum.

also i am weird, bear with me please

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