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am I doing something wrong or what because I'm stuck at rank 18-17-16



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On 3/22/2024 at 4:54 AM, AMEN said:

What do you mean with smurf mechs?


Torso with mythical weapon and modules but bad torso Screenshot_20240323_155949.thumb.png.6764d8f98374435e9a59c1a2c6448652.png

Not really but its smtg like this

And boom you get a easy enemyScreenshot_20240323_160317.thumb.png.a5288dac5967a5627c3d6e0a4cfb24d0.pngi reccomended used frantic brute but the problem is when you meet another smurfer who has better modules than you the key of this is bad torso but good modules and weapon

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On 3/21/2024 at 2:54 PM, AMEN said:

What do you mean with smurf mechs?


smurf guys are players choosing to abuse players less developed. 

What they do is use a powerful weapon with the rest in low status and they force them self to go to lower ranks to get wins and the rewards of the wins as team or solo but normally as team or better say clan. 

Players that are belong to higher ground and play at lower ground sometimes at full power. 

It is not your fault. The smurf issue it does happen even in rank 5. There is a long way to deal with the issues. Just focus into advance your mech in a steady way regardless the loses. 

About your mech, you are doing a decent work. Just the torso it is bad in the long run. Use that one for now because has been developed and focus to max your modules in full. 

The other part is that your cooling and regeneration are very low. 

Also, careful with the drone under development, because your HP is 1644, that drone eat HP when attack. 


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