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is the game still updating?

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nope. 🤫

Tho, people ask for more but barely farm and make parts. I still have to work on parts for another 10 years or more and I do have 311 maxed. I need other parts not in possession. Focus in to finish the achievements, make parts, rank up, campaign and others. How may parts do you already maxed? Do you have all parts in need? 🤔

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servers are being crashed just because some 9 yo "XxXSkibidiToiletPro9000XxX" lost a roleplaying argument in global chat, no in game battles are even needed, if that answer your curiousity. 

You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.


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