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things I need to think about

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A few things to say about the current state of the game ...

- it looks like developers are only taking the income money and having 0 motivation to change anything of the game and it's current status

... which opens every door for hackers and cheater as it is now and as it was the last two / few years ❗


This leads to think about to leave this game once and for all ...

- would / will save a lot of wasted time ✅

- would / will take no need to think about investing any money anymore ✅

- would / will give us a lot of time to play other great games ✅

... AND it still stays that I won most of players and of all time at SuperMechs ❗


Without any cheating, without any boosting, without using important itmes no other player had access to it ❗



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1 hour ago, OKI DOKI said:

Well, do not blame her. Last summer my daughter and her cousin blew some hundreds premium packs making a mess in my account for fun that I just barely finished to take control. It just took me 6 months of life to fix it to a point I can manage without been confused on what to do next. 🤣

yeah i am still trying to work out whats missing  6 million in gold 700 tokens 20 legendaries some of them premiums and about 1000 power kits  gonna take me a while to fix  this mess 

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