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Hey, I'm Maxx!


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Hello, thanks for stopping by!

My real name is Maxwell, but I've gone by Maxx for awhile, my in game name is WarrMachine, and my previous forum alias was REVERZE. Good luck trying to keep track of all that! I've spent quite a lot of time in and out of the SuperMechs community, and although my legacy history may not be squeaky clean, I'm hoping to start anew with this nice new forum.

A little about myself since I imagine that's why you're reading this. I'm 20 years old, currently attending WMU (Go Broncos!) and am majoring in Computer Science. I love to snowboard, get super competitive in table tennis, and played varsity soccer in high school. I enjoy a wide variety of music, but some of my favorite genres include EDM, Hard Rock, Power Metal, and Rap. Currently I'm in Trolls fast, and am a consistent rank 1 across all seasons in SuperMechs.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in the arena!

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