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Greetings from the past!


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Hey there,

My name is RaTkiNg, though some of you oldheads here might know me by some other names, such as IGNs including but not limited to: I AM LEGEND, Aron the Night, Aegir - Lord of Waves (you can tell my 10-12 year old self was thriving here), or forum names such as tobereborn3015 and dragonmasterq. I’m an old legacy player that’s just now revisiting the game before I head off to college. If you’re willing to sit through a long post with me, I’d like to tell my story.

I discovered Supermechs in mid 2014 on a public library computer when I was 10 years old. Given that it was one of the few online games I had access to at the time, I became instantly enthralled and created my first account shortly after that. For the first year of my active lifespan, I would only ever play on and off because I didn’t have access to a computer at home, limiting my ability to play to just a couple days a week.

However, that changed in 2015, when my school district handed out laptops to students so they could keep up with their work more easily. Of course, I had other plans with this technology besides doing homework, and I ended up playing this little flash game for hours on end every single day. I grinded for months and months trying to get the best items and rank, and I ended up becoming rank 1 across multiple accounts that belonged to both me and some friends from school. Eventually all my friends started to drift away from the game, leaving me alone with several accounts that I now had access to freely. This is the point where I would like to say that I was smart with those accounts and kept them safe, but alas that’s not how this story goes.

In early 2016, I began delving into the world of account trading, exchanging passwords and information with other online users for no other reason than to see what items I could get from boxes. I started off by trading inactive accounts that belonged to my friends. When those ran out, I began trading my own accounts. This eventually led to me giving the password of my main account to someone I thought I could trust. Unfortunately, this person had other plans, and after an argument that occurred between the two of us, he changed both the password and email of the account to his own, effectively stealing it from me. This was utterly devastating to 11 year old me, as I had worked for months to get that account to the point it was at before it was stolen. However, this was not where my journey ended. I had other accounts that I hadn’t given away information from, and I defaulted to the one with the best items as my new main one.  

However, the loss of my original account marked the beginning of the end for my in-game activity, as the growing imbalance of the game pushed me further away from ladder battles than ever before. Here’s a bit of a Supermechs history lesson before we continue. Around mid 2016 (I think), the game saw a huge spike in popularity thanks to SSundee, who uploaded a video to his channel of him playing different games on Kongregate (one of which happened to be Supermechs). This was followed by another video to his channel that exclusively featured Supermechs and the rewards that were sent to him by the developers. These two back to back videos garnered millions of views, and caused a massive wave of new players to flock to the game. Normally you would think that this type of sudden growth would be great for a game like Supermechs, but what ended up happening was a noticeable shift in how the game was updated. My personal head cannon is that the developers saw this spike as an opportunity to earn more money by releasing new items in the game and selling them via loot boxes, a trend which would unfortunately continue for years. Over the course of 2016 and 2017, more and more unbalanced items were added to the game, and each update made them more and more difficult to access. Eventually, no matter what account I played on, I was utterly locked out from all the new items that were being released frequently, and my interest in playing ladder battles fell to zero. Simply put, I felt there was no reason for me to play the game anymore, outside of hangin out and roleplaying in the German global chat.

However, as my activity decreased in game, it rose dramatically on the forums. I began making post after post under different usernames, the two of which I used the most being tobereborn3015 and dragonmasterq. While I would like to say that I was a productive contributor to the community, the truth is I was just like any other 12 year old on the internet: very toxic, annoying, and downright cringe. I remember one post I made where I baselessly accused a top player of collaborating with the lead developer and cheating due to the player DMing me such info, which in hindsight is probably the greatest troll I’ve ever fell victim too. In certain posts, I would use the two accounts to interact with each other in replies in order to support each other’s arguments, which is a classic debate tactic that I’m surprised A) wasn’t called out publicly, and B) didn’t get me banned sooner. What finally ended my career as a keyboard warrior on the forums was a post I made that announced I was leaving the game (the nth of its kind from me), where I used some tricks with the text editors to bypass the swear filter, leaving poor Alexander no choice but to temporarily ban me from the forums. While I was never banned in-game, the punishment caused me to stop logging into all of my accounts entirely, bringing an abrupt end to my active lifespan in supermechs.

Over the next couple years, I completely forgot about this game. I moved towns, went through an important transitional phase, and ultimately became more confident with being who I really was as a person. 3 years after my catastrophic downfall from the game, I decided to pop back into some of my old accounts to see how the game had changed, only to find that all but one of them had legacy items remaining. This was when I learned about all the changes that had happened (Liran leaving, old forum being killed, legacy being left behind, etc.), and since I didn’t feel like grinding like I used to, I did some 1v1s against other legacy players and quickly left again. I wouldn’t come back until nearly 3 years later today, when I decided to pop back in and revisit some childhood memories before I left for college.

So here I am, nearly 6 years after I originally stopped being an active player, and over 9 years since I first found the game altogether. I’m not normally the type to become sentimental enough to revisit old games and forum pages, let alone make a whole post about it, but I guess I’ve just gotten sappy as I’ve gotten older. Anyways, that’s my own little story. If you did in fact read the whole thing, I am grateful for taking the time to listen to me in this little corner of the internet. I probably won’t ever really play this game ever again, but I hope it brings you the fondness it brought me all those years ago.

Happy battling,

RaTkiNg (or other aliases)

P.S I attached some legacy mechs from an old account of mine that survived the item wipe. As of now, it’s the only relic I have of the old legacy days.




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A great tale that many of us share, for the better or worse.

Reminds me of my own breaks inbetween years, either it be a burn-out or loss of interest, yet here we are, years later, still playing this silly game.

I'm happy to have read it, and wish you nothing but good luck going forward ; be it playing the game again or not 😄

silly goober

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cool history. Nice mechs. Good luck at university education. 

Some old players still around. 

Old SM community used to be like this. So young and handsome. 😂


Now they are grown up. 🤣


and still complaining about it 🤡


Welcome back and start a new account just for fun.  Make new friends at university and introduce them to the game. Make them grind hard. 😃

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