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one hundred million golds progress


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51 minutes ago, RaymondL1747 said:

wow, what I have is basically pocket change for you

Well, it is just taking some time and discipling. Anyone in the game can do it. Sadly, not many people will farm like this. Now, I know some guys with a lot more. Sure, they play longer than me but also my progress has been maxing parts simultaneously making everything harder. In that case, for sure just a few might have 300 Myth and 300 million. Sure, some have more myth parts and some more gold. Very rare to know players with 2 accounts at this level as same owner built and no cheating. Sure, there are some top players that are farmers. 

You can see my progress here on my threads since May 2020. I was playing for 7 months by the time I joined the old forum then was closed months later but I added some captures from the old and you were there. 😃 


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18 minutes ago, Thrill fly said:

how long did it take you ??


like on a serious not tho how long

Well, when I joined to play this game with a family member, I had no clue about this game. As basic, I focused on farming till I was timing my person and fuel cap before cap every single day without missing a day for close to 3 years and I mean 7 days farming on average 5 times a day full fuel for free. More recently I slowed down due to changes at work so my progress it is now just 25% of what it was. The current status is maxing parts just with only mix parts farmed without the BASE. Even I do not play pvp since by the end of last year, I started recently to farm again but the gold it does increase faster because not really developing parts as I was doing using base and draining plus balancing gold usage. 

In the beginning gold was kept around to 1 million to 1.5 million because maxing parts really fast. When I got stronger, I switched to increase gold maybe around January or February 2021 from just few million. Since then, I decided to increase gold by stages and staying on that amount of gold for a period of time and I still doing that. 

So, OKI DOKI birthday it is 10/03/19. 

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7 hours ago, bestplayeroftheworld said:

~ 577.000.000 Gold here ❗

(and yes, as well without any cheating for the +10 years)

Congratulation you both for that many gold you saved ❗


P.S.: since when the forum-emojis are working normal again ❓

WOW, you are a gold digger 557.000.000 That it is a serious number. 👍image.thumb.png.20a79a5b24822b717a8cca56b690da07.png

10yrs. Long time. 

Thx. In reality has been myself farming but recently I have my kids doing pvp. Sadly, I had the accounts dead for months then my kids started to do just a few pvp and no farming till did it for a month and I had to take over for farming to keep accounts alive. I retired before because work and now again for the same thing. I will keep farming as much I can every day but not playing. 

I do not know when the emojis started to work properly but it is recent. 

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