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is distance genrator good

Thrill fly


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The whole weapon class is really bad. Not only do they have poor damage and situational use, but on a scope mech, they’re competing for item slots and weight that would be used much better by a res drainer or a repulser. While it has multiple uses, the double tele is only 15 kg heavier that the normal tele, which should be a given on a scope mech - the weapons from the series are all a bit over 30 kgs in comparison.

Going nowhere with all the intent and purpose of going somewhere.

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If you want to build an energy 'Scope-Mech' - Distance generator is the best! Use a Drunk Lightningimage.png.f203458a393b59bda787420b76917a15.png and Repulser/Advanced Repulserimage.png.77df17ae37254a1362deb3ce073478ec.png to push your opponent and tep. I'm bad at scope builds, that's all that I know about sniper mechs😅

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