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Personally I use heat/energy engines rather than sperate storage and boosters but I both strategies seem to work so looks mostly good. One thing you're missing is a combined resistance module.

It only takes one slot and will help you move up the ranks. Individual modules are even better down the line if you can find the fortress version but losing 3 slots isn't worth it for standard version.

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On 5/18/2023 at 9:29 AM, Ufio said:

Is this a good setup?


Generally speaking, it is not that good, but all depend on when you started according to your full inventory. It will be more helpful sharing the entire account storage in order the forum community can help you out in a better way. 

Now, Energy and Heat caps 488/382 are almost set by the torso in use. The 83/95 also is set by the torso in use and that torso it is the worse torso in cooling and regeneration. 

I will recommend using different torso to start the game. That one is better later on for certain ranks if does have the proper modules set up and weapons around and even so, it is not good.  Side weapons are good with proper configurations and top weapon to certain ranks but is limited on shoot position.

The weapons are energy dependable, and your cap is low, but the bigger issue is the regeneration. 

Show the full account and forum will help better on your set up. 

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