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Best Mech Type?



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1- Heat- Many weapons require energy and generate heat. With heat mech even use weapons that require both, still attacking with heat and is more basic that the opponent will suffer overheat and can lose a turn or even shutdown. Weight it is kind of balanced and configurations a bit better with parts.

2- PHYS- Destroy both heat energy but propense for both because weapons use energy and generate heat and need to be smarter to use them.

3-ENER- Affect range and need a tiny bit a buff on some weapons. Even possess similar attributes on weapons, the effect of draining is not that super except in some of them. Weight it is a big factor creating a lot of limitation.  

The factor that affects right now, it is the way how the mech can recover from heat and lack of energy due to the new modules are better. 


All of them will take you to R1 BUT IS HARDER WITH ENERGY and the match maker. Need to be good player. Not all players are smart using them. 

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