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Halloween Portal FAQ


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Trick or treat, pilots!

First and foremost, happy halloween to everyone celebrating.

As for such holiday there is a portal today, and i'm here to respond to some Frequently Asked Questions by the playerbase, be it here or the discord server.

1. Is the portal farmable?
It is! You can play the portal on any difficulty and it will still grant boxes with goodies sometimes, be it the Pumpkin Perk or even Legendaries. Not every box contains the goodies though, you have to get lucky!

2. How do i know this portal is grindable or not?
It is fairly simple to tell if a portal is farmable or not. If you get ascension relics when you clear a difficulty for the first time, it means that it's a 1 time clear portal. If it does not, and drops perks instead, you can farm it as much as your heart desires.

3. Is it a good portal?
It absolutely is. For clearing the normal difficulty, you get 120 tokens, for hard difficulty, 140 tokens and for clearing insane, you get a whopping 160 tokens. All totalling out to 420 whole tokens! On top of all, for your first clear you get a better box, containing a legendary or even two.

4. Should i buy refills?
If you want to maximize your profits from the portal, you can use those 420 tokens for refills, with which you may get even more goodies.

5. Does the portal drop legendaries?
It does, though you have to put some time into it to get results and items.

6. Are the boxes better?
Considering this is a special event, a portal, yes, the boxes are indeed better! They can drop legendaries if you're lucky enough.

7. Can you drop fortune boxes from this portal?
Fortune boxes are a possible drop from this portal if you do decide to grind it, although they are rare, and will require a lot of runs.

8. Is box drop rate the same across all difficulties?
Box drop rate should be more or less the same across normal, hard and insane difficulties.

9. Is the legendary chance higher on harder difficulties?
We aren't informed on the exact percentage of the legendary drop rates, so we can't say for sure. Although generally, the harder difficulty usually yields better results!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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silly goober

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14 minutes ago, VB said:

- Is the drop rate the same on all three difficulties, or is it more likely that you get a box if you win on a higher difficulty?
- Is the chance of getting a legendary better on a higher difficulty?

Box drop rate is more or less the same across all difficulties. 

I can't say for sure as we don't know the % chance for legendaries on each difficulty. 

silly goober

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