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The amount of smurfing going on in the arena is ridiculous. People with newer mechs or a mech that doesn't have any mythical weapons or parts have to fight multiple opponents who kill them in 3 shots. It's utter crap and needs to stop. If you can't hack it at the higher levels of the arena make you mech better. Quit losing on purpose so you can get easy wins. It's pathetic.

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28 minutes ago, Kendall-Tempest said:

lol  @Asther you wanted proof on something I sad back then in the update topic right? Here is one thing. So about those milliona of unique logins, dont think there will be "Millions" for long with those smurfs. LOL

If your "proof" is 5 people on a forum, so be it.

However much you might say the game is dead and has huge problems, it's doing far better and has fewer issues currently with Gato as opposed to when Tacticsoft did 🙂

It's normal for newer players to struggle against players that played for a bit  longer, too, goes for any game. 

I'll be locking the thread before it goes into another flamewar of who's right and who did what, but do PM me if you've questions 😄

silly goober

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