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Did base drop get nerfed?



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3 hours ago, Fordekash said:

….yeah… thank you for your input. We will take it in to consideration. 

So how many factories do you run at chance of legendary and how many have you got in the last 45 days?

I almost always run 4 chance of legendary cards in my base, I sometimes get only epics for weeks, and sometimes get 2 premiums per batch

1 hour ago, Kendall-Tempest said:

@Fordekash Remember this person whos NEVER made past r3 knows what bad luck is..best believe him.


I bet you feel silly right now

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6 minutes ago, life king said:

I prefer producing power unit kits as creating 400 power unit kits (costs 2.4 million gold without discount) can give a lot of upgrading power

I do the same post saving some gold for it.  

My base still in L15. Never used the option.  🤣   I have no clue and knowing that my drops in everything is low, ehhh for now I do not use option and farm and make parts from current stash. Maybe in 2 years I will think about it. 🤷‍♂️ 


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