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what are the best torsos to use with heat build?



Hi, i'm a new to supermechs and i want to go full heat build with my 1st mech. Currently i'm sticking with my nightmare epic torso and i'm not leveling it. i'm just waiting to get some good torsos. Can you suggest me some high tier torsos to use with my heat build? And also which modules should i use with a specific torso? Ty.

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In the current game environment, Molten Platinum Vest image.png.f8cbbde917e5b5912267d36dc5d4b3fa.pngis the common top tier torso desirable to play with top players but that does not mean it is the only one according mechs configurations. Been a premium part, sometimes is hard to get in the free and buying premium packs. It is just luck. You can use the energy version and change modules in an inverse way and can still work for heat mech.

Nightmare torso as you mention having one in epic status, it is also a torso considered maybe superior to Vest or equal and the advantage for that one is that you can get the torso in common and rare status and can be maxed to divine, and it is a torso that top players use too. The torso can be use on any rank and will get you to R1. 

You can use Windigo image.png.88572bfa136a6091473b6a6412762a28.pngand normally come in the epic version. Sometimes it is easy to get but sometimes not. It took me time to get one for first time. It is an overall torso that you can use for the 3 types of mechs. You can use as phys, heat or energy. It does work great and can be use on top and is very common to have the torso to R3 but also can get R1.

Fractured Heat Armor "Heat Monkey"image.png.2cbbcef9edfaa00a05f55d39e0370f6e.png it is a premium part and sometimes hard to get even with premium. It gives you high HP but does not possess resistance. When lower rank players use this, it does help to rank up fast to R10-R7 not having accounts developed in the arena area or having modules to add for resistance. When they get platinum plates, they have the tendency to increase passing 3200 HP at low ranks, but they can be killed at higher ranks because not defense. To use the torso, need a good account developed and resist torso if not a phys mech will slice the mech fast with nightfall, spartan etc but can get you to R7 to collect box fast and improve on gold collection faster. It was till a year ago maybe the second-best torso apart of the energy version. 

Zarkares image.png.2f7395daaad873e994f0f5909d895ce1.pngwas a great torso till last year torsos like VEST and others where enhanced. Now it is harder to use this one on top but can get you to R3. If nothing else and you do not like nightmare, you can use this one but it is less superior and won't be the best to get to R1 so you can lose gold investment on it but yes can be an option for middle ground to R5 will say. 

There are other options but normally the players talk about those. 

What do you have to understand is that any torso depending on parts set up, can take you to higher ground if are torsos that can reach divine status.

If you want help, provide your account full inventory and the community might help. Sometimes they are funny on comments, but they can help

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