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Just for fun and curiosity



Hi older players.

How are you?

Do you know who is the older player active, semi-active or barely active that still playing this game as far you can remember? 

Who does have more maxed parts in this game apart of Clever as free player as far you know? 

You do not have to give the actual in game name for privacy but past if you want. 


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1 minute ago, Stefix5000 said:

technically I'm an older player (I think), but I've never talked to the other community members back then, so I've never met them until recently (the ones that remain, at least)

Yeah, I know well you are old here. I think you mentioned one time maybe back to 2014 or so. I started in 10/3/19 basically the other day.

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15 minutes ago, Raul said:

I first played SM when in was 12, about 10 years ago, then stopped playing for a few years and came back in 2015, and now am part of the community since then.

WOW, 10 years. That it is a lot. That was basically from starting time of this game. 😀 I hope Alex give you some goodies. 👍

I think the game should give some goodies to players at 5 years and 10 years as example. Maybe a part waiting for long etc. 🤔

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9 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

Привет старшим игрокам.

Как дела?

Знаете ли вы, кто является активным, полуактивным или малоактивным игроком старшего возраста, который все еще играет в эту игру, насколько вы помните? 

Насколько вы знаете, у кого в этой игре больше прокачанных частей, кроме Клевера как бесплатного игрока? 

Вам не нужно указывать реальное игровое имя для конфиденциальности, но укажите его, если хотите. 


In fact, I've been playing since the fall of 2013-2014. Previously, I could not figure out how to register an account and there were problems with this. My main account was created sometime in 2014-2015.



I like Fluffeh 💀

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