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The Science behind Energy Weapons In SuperMechs.


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  • RaptorKing15 changed the title to The Science behind Energy Weapons In SuperMechs.

If he is asking HOW the damage will come from (as in, explain using science), then we can assume that the energy weapons fires some type of energy beam that overloads the opponents' circuit (which therefore drains their power)

When you don't have electricity (ground state), the energy from outside (high/energetic state) might do bad things to the powered-down circuit (e.g. reverse flow of power) which might break things.


If he is asking the mechanism in game, well, the drain (energy damage) will be added to the damage done (to the mech). Because the amount of energy damage for a given weapon is constant, it essentially elevates the total damage done by that amount.



I'll drag one of the useless campaign mechs here to demonstrate.

(loud metallic grinding noises)

Okay, here is "Stomp Master". He have 74 Eng and 7 EleRes.

Now, if I fire this maxed legendary Malice Beam

	Malice Beam (55) 97-160 EleDmg 100EngDmg -12MaxEng 3-6 Range (30/10)

At "Stomp Master", it will do (97-160) + (100-77) - 7 EleDmg, which is 123-186, ignoring arena buffs.

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It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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Maybe like a focused emp arc of some sorts. Its kinda hard to explains using quantum physics. There was gor a little bit a "shock lazer" on tik tok, but was proved fake. Its a wierd wepon, as it would take millions of volts of power to fire it once. My theory it that its a high power "shock lazer" with  big focusing or magnifying lenses

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On 1/5/2021 at 9:21 PM, RaptorKing15 said:

From what I have seen so far, every energy weapon has an increase in damage for when your opponent's energy is gone. Is this true? Tell me down below in the comments what you think. 

Well, just to be clear, SM isn't about being ultra-realistic.  For example, 1000 kg is the weight of a Mazda Miata, last I checked.  I think it sort of makes sense, but it's not ultra-realistic.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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