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  1. Instead of VR, so people don't confuse the two, I thought of ER. A.K.A Electron Remover.
  2. I would recommend having mechs with only one type of element. It's a great strategy to have.
  3. I use an energy mech as my main. It's pretty powerful in the arena. Not that long ago I made a thread asking about the science behind energy mechs. What I have come to is that energy is the strongest element. Once the energy is gone, the damage increases.
  4. Will Electric ever rise to dominate Physical and heat mechs in the future?
  5. I have a great idea. Heat and Electric can only use shields.
  6. So it would be like a flash-bang then?
  7. For the teleporter make the mech light up in a bright yellow color.
  8. So basically, that would mean Electric is the strongest element in Supermechs.
  9. From what I have seen so far, every energy weapon has an increase in damage for when your opponent's energy is gone. Is this true? Tell me down below in the comments what you think.
  10. My mech lost 8 times in a row and then won 5 times. How does that work? Btw I couldn't get all 8 loses into the pic.
  11. They should do less energy damage than Hysteria because it's a rare to divine weapon, while Hysteria is an Epic to Divine weapon. Hot Flash should do around the same energy damage Malice Beam does.
  12. Simp. Don't take personally. You said that to me. Right back at you buckaroo.
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