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  1. No I didn't, The Cyber one is the newest one and I think they're apart by like a few weeks. I'll upgrade it eventually but for now I won't because I have the monkey version of it already.
  2. I posted a new video, I would appreciate if you'd check it out!!!
  3. I think the Sith's hp should be buffed too
  4. I transformed The Claw and a heat mod
  5. I hate to tell you but that's a flaming hook. Here ya go
  6. I've been working on my alt for a while and now that all my mods are max legendary I need to transform items. What should I transform? I have 7 myths atm and 6 of them are maxed
  7. So today I decided to do 2v2 campagin on my alt and I finished the Overlords Den but after the reward disappeared. The box isn't in my inventory and the gold isn't there. Can I get the two relics that disappeared.
  8. I think the rewards for wins in clans are bad, At 10,000 wins you get a premium box and at 20,000 wins you get 100 tokens. I think the rewards should be changed. I'm not sure of what they should be though.
  9. Ok, if the weapon that you're using drains more energy than your opponent has then the extra drain will be added to the damage done. So if your opponent has 40 energy and you weapon drains 41 then that extra drain will be added on to the total damage.
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